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Intolerant tolerance in Canada

I thought you might find this case illuminating as to the continued use of ‘tolerance’ to be intolerant, of using ‘anti-discrimination’ laws to discriminate, of using ‘diversity’ to marginalise public out-workings of Christianity in Canada. Much as we saw with … Continue reading

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A great shaking

One of the blogs I follow with some interest is Mark Mallett, a Catholic singer and writer. Whilst I do not subscribe to Marks Marian theology, I do find him most insightful regarding the present times. Here are some excerpts … Continue reading

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Update on the Canadian Anglican world

I’ve been spending time over at the AEC blog recently, and it seems like a good time to give a brief summary of the goings-on here as well. On the West and East coast Bishops have been behaving badly. Over … Continue reading

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Perfect prairie storm

Would anybody object if I mentioned the weather again? It’s just that over this weekend we are due something of the perfect prairie storm, and parts of the western prairies could see up to 100cm of snow. It might end … Continue reading

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It came to me the other day that the time to which we are headed could be envisaged much as a chrysalis. Right now the church in the Western world is doing a pretty good impression of a browsing caterpillar … Continue reading

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Yes, we’ve been here long enough, filled out the mountains of paperwork, sat the tests, filled out yet more paperwork – and at last on Friday 11th we attended our citizen ceremony. We are now officially Canucks Canadians. 🙂

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April snowstorm

Well, this morning we’re getting a totally unforecast snowstorm, and the snow is coming down faster than I have ever seen in Calgary. Currently we have 4-6″ on the ground. This should give you some idea: Env Canada say: City … Continue reading

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Thought for the day

Many who intend to repent at the 11th hour die at 10:30.

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Some prophetic insight to the times

At our church we run a prophetic listening group that meets once a month to hear from the Lord and pray through visions / dream etc that people from our church may have had. I’d like to give you a … Continue reading

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