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On worship

Why do we worship God, or why does He require worship? Is He insecure, requiring affirmation from His creation? Or could it be an ego trip? Or do we worship just to remain in His ‘good books’? I do not … Continue reading

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On understanding

How often do we wrestle with understanding in situations where there are only half answers, at best? Perhaps the reason that God does not always give us understanding on demand is so that we can choose Him by faith rather … Continue reading

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I’m fairly wary of treading into the political arena, but yesterday I had a vision that continues to burden me. As I prayed briefly for the elections down south, I had a picture pop into my mind: I saw prairie … Continue reading

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By faith

Recently I was reading Hebrews 11, the great chapter that talks about faith, and got to pondering how often we misunderstand the nature of faith. The rather wry comment has been made that “faith is believing something that isn’t true”. … Continue reading

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