It came to me the other day that the time to which we are headed could be envisaged much as a chrysalis. Right now the church in the Western world is doing a pretty good impression of a browsing caterpillar – fat, slow, lazy and not particularly attractive for the most part.

But if there’s one thing we should learn from the Bible, it is that God does not give up on us. Even in the midst of judgment he is saving His people, even if they don’t much like the prospect of the methods of salvation.

Hence, now, the chrysalis. Encased by the hard realities and persecutions that will befall us, God will do a remarkable work of transformation. All the current structures and our methods of doing church, all the boundaries that we have drawn between fellow Christians, all the ways we have drawn and defined ourselves, will be broken and remoulded at the most fundamental level.

Note too, that there is no fresh injection of material, nobody else to step forward and be Church – it will be us. That’s something else to learn from the Bible – that God does not provide superheroes, but uses ordinary people for extraordinary things.

The end result, what will emerge from the chrysalis, will be a Church transformed, beautiful in the eyes of God.

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5 Responses to Chrysalis

  1. Pauline says:

    Peter – could you transform the link to Drell’s Descants please. It is almost a year behind – it has a hard shell around it! Thanks.


  2. Peter, you are so right. And isn’t it highlighted by the “religious authorities'” craving for buildings, money and stuff… not at all the raw material of the church that turned the world upside down for the risen Christ.

    The church is built with PEOPLE – that can’t be said enough. We are the raw material that the Lord uses… the “stones built into a living temple”. We need shaping, sometimes we have to have impurities chipped or burned away, sometimes we even have to be forced into place (and alongside other stones we don’t like!)… and above all built into Christ, the capstone, and he into us.


  3. Peter says:

    I’ll look into it Pauline, thanks.

    Yes – all that shaping Tomothy, it’s kind of painful and something we would rather avoid. 🙂 Good thing that the Lord is not too oversensitive to our whiny moments…


  4. faithwalk says:

    Excellent insight Peter, and with Timothy I say is so right on; or spot on as they say in the UK. 🙂

    Just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello before trotting off to work this morning. Hope you got my long overdue email?

    Blessings to you all!!!



  5. Peter says:

    I have…I’ll be emailing back soon 🙂


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