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And now for something completely different….

I thought I’d just pass on FYI a website I visit from time to time that chronicles the increasing madness that is the principality known as the European Union. It’s certainly not all to my taste, and neither am I … Continue reading

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How much do we desire the Living Water of Life? And how often do we find ourselves at the broken cisterns, drinking in the illusions, pretence lending a form to the madness? How much of the Church’s history have we … Continue reading

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Report on the 2007 Primates Meeting in Tanzania

Author note: This is a report intended for the Calgary Anglican Essentials chapter meeting. It’s also posted here: Feel free to use it for its intended purpose, that is to give a brief overview of where we are now … Continue reading

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A battle won

Praise God, for the spiritual battle in Tanzania has been won. Not easily, or cleanly, and the war still rages. The spiritual darkness has been tolerated long, is deep seated and not easily rooted out. However, the enemy is on … Continue reading

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Alone God Sufficeth

Like many others in the Anglican blogosphere, I’m following the primates meeting in Tanzania with keen interest. Course, the lack of news appears to be driving everybody slightly crazy, and News Famine Syndrome appears to be setting in. That is … Continue reading

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The gods of the malls, part 2

Taking up where we left off yesterday, I’d like to give you another example a little closer to home – this one is the linked shopping centre in Calgary known as ‘the core’ – comprising Calgary’s Eaton Centre and TD … Continue reading

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Pray for the Anglicans….

Just as a little note, if my non-Anglican readers ( heck, even the Anglican ones if you like 😉 ) could pray for the meeting of the primates ( leaders ) in Tanzania this week, it would be really good. … Continue reading

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The gods of the malls, part 1

This is a post that I’ve been considering writing for a while, but until now it has never come to fruition. I’d like to speak to you a little about the ‘gods’ of the malls. Many Christians are likely aware … Continue reading

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Forgive my snow obsession….

It’s just when you’ve got more than a foot of snow lying, it’s hard to stop taking pictures. OK, it’s hard for me to stop taking pictures. But, as I said in my intro, I’m an ex-meteorologist and all-round weather … Continue reading

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They did what?

In yet another example of egregious bad judgement, it appears that the Anglican Church of Canada is pleased to have me as Assistant Rectors Warden at our local church. This is how it goes, of course. You start with a … Continue reading

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