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Please pray

This week has been quiet here as I have been preparing for a couple of important church meetings this weekend that I’ll be speaking at. I would most welcome your prayers for them, for those who will be speaking, for … Continue reading

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All the vain things that charm me most

Being an Anglican of somewhat dubious pedigree, I may not be quite as much into the Church calendar as some folks. However, even I have got it into my head that there is this time called ‘Lent’, that it happens … Continue reading

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Northern Plains Anglican

The challenge in this game is how to turn random misspelled thoughts in your draft folder into pixels of distinguishment. Or at least prose that is not entirely boring 😉 Seems like I might not have much time to do … Continue reading

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A busy weekend for Canadian Anglicans

I’ve been rather busy this weekend blogging the goings-on in Anglicanism here in Canada, to wit, seven churches leaving the Anglican Church of Canada. For details, go here – the short short version is as follows: Seven Anglican congregations voted … Continue reading

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Her Majesty is not amused with our Rowan

Could…not…resist the image. Blame Michael Daley. I do.

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Barnabas Fund responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recommendation to apply Islamic law in the UK

I support the Barnabas Fund charity, which seeks to help Christians living with persecution, particularly in the Islamic world. The founder of this charity, Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, comes from a Muslim background and has advised on Islamic issues at a … Continue reading

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Preparing for the underground church

Sobering. Try to read it all if you have time…. PREPARING FOR THE UNDERGROUND CHURCH By Pastor Richard Wurmbrand Christian pastors must learn what an underground church looks like and what it does. I spoke with a bishop in Britain … Continue reading

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The twilight of the current age

Below is a copy of a post I came across here; again it is something we sorely need to hear at this time. Jeremiah 22:21, “I spoke to you in your prosperity, but you said, ‘I will not hear.” Eyes … Continue reading

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A different week

This week things change around a bit for me as I start a new job with a computing consultancy here in Calgary. Since being in Canada I’ve worked as an independent consultant by choice, so this is certainly a new … Continue reading

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