Thought for the day

Many who intend to repent at the 11th hour die at 10:30.

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3 Responses to Thought for the day

  1. brother says:

    thank goodness i’ve already repented wayyy before the 11th hour.


  2. faithwalk says:

    It seems presumption is the issue here; the thinking that it isn’t so important because there is always time later to get right with God.
    The problem is, as we just experienced with an untimely death in our family, we just never know when that time will come.

    I may have repented of my sins and been born again a long time ago; but I still find the need for repentance often, for my all to human responses to life that do not always honor the Lord as I should desire, or He deserves.

    I still need His mercy and grace every moment of every day.

    Blessings to you dear Peter, and grace in this season of life!
    Our love to your family,



  3. Peter says:

    It is an ongoing this, isn’t it Susan?

    Yes, a good thing indeed brother!


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