Update on the Canadian Anglican world

I’ve been spending time over at the AEC blog recently, and it seems like a good time to give a brief summary of the goings-on here as well.

On the West and East coast Bishops have been behaving badly. Over on the West, the Bishop decided to change locks as an alternative way to resolve a dispute. The courts soon put paid to that behaviour. Now that any modicum of trust has been lost, we await to see the what will happen next.

Out in the East it appears that a small faction (albeit a faction with high social standing) within a parish have bent the ear of the Bishop to get the priest removed. As an perhaps unintended consequence of the move, it appears that much of the parish has woken up to the predicament of the Anglican Church of Canada, as can be seen in the comments here.

During this time the House of Bishops met, and failed to address concerns raised regarding the drift of the church away from anything resembling orthodoxy. Rather the path of litigation and the claiming of the turf was confirmed.

Well, truly this does not make for positive reading. However it is the current state of the Anglican Church, and an indication as to why there is so much upheaval at present. The short story – two gospels, one church.

Something very different up next….you’ll be glad to hear!

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6 Responses to Update on the Canadian Anglican world

  1. Two gospels, one church. Very well said. The glorious side in all this upheaval? God is still in control and he’s allowed us to be a part of His Kingdom. I can’t wait to see how he’ll use all this to His glory.


  2. Peter says:

    Yes, he is indeed 🙂


  3. white rabbit says:

    i agree that the bishops should change the locks! The defectors want out so let them go. Regarding an earlier heresy, women priests, Paul did not tell the true believers to leave and start another church but rather he told the women to shut up and not to speak in church.
    If all these concerned anglicans are half as concerned as they claim to be they would stay with the church and reclaim it from the feminists instead of creating divisions.


  4. Dan says:

    Who created the divisions in the first place? I’m glad the judge ruled as he did. At least someone has common sense in this situation. The Bishops created the divisions, along with the seminaries; now they have to reap what they have sown.


  5. Peter says:

    white rabbit, there’s never a dull moment when you’re commenting…..


  6. Tom says:

    The Rev. George Eves published a book “Two Religions – One Church” which observed this divide about a decade ago & we are seeing the results today.
    Scholars such as John Sandys-Wunsch of U of Victoria (What have they done to the Bible” have poo pooed it , however I would go along with Dr. Packer & his views especially at the recent ANiC convention.


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