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Ice Beans

This is how we grow beans in Calgary.   Sigh….

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Winter has come

A little break from the prophetic posts to note that winter is here again. Earlier this week – positive temperatures, autumnal feel. Now -20c and well, you can see…

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Winter storm

Some pics from the winter storm we had last Friday, it was quite something! Gale force northerly, snow and blowing snow, temps dropping to -10c, etc. Now sitting at a frigid -20c…..

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Chinook arch over Calgary

I thought you might appreciate this picture of a Chinook arch over our Church in Calgary. Quite something, eh?

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A few more snow pictures

Some more pictures from the aftermath of last Sundays storm: But, that wasn’t then end of it, another 10-15cm dropped on us Friday and Saturday, giving 25cm lying: Oh, and temperatures took a bit of a tumble. -30c is -20F … Continue reading

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Winter at last

Well, we’ve been waiting for the proper arrival of winter, and at last today it came, albeit totally unforecast!

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Perfect prairie storm

Would anybody object if I mentioned the weather again? It’s just that over this weekend we are due something of the perfect prairie storm, and parts of the western prairies could see up to 100cm of snow. It might end … Continue reading

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April snowstorm

Well, this morning we’re getting a totally unforecast snowstorm, and the snow is coming down faster than I have ever seen in Calgary. Currently we have 4-6″ on the ground. This should give you some idea: Env Canada say: City … Continue reading

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Albertan weather – not for the fainthearted (the pictorial edition)

A few snaps from my little foray this afternoon: Yes Virginia, it really is that cold today.

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Albertan weather – not for the fainthearted

I did say that it was possible that my Meteorological past would make a foray into this blog from time to time. This happens to be one of those times. 😉 We in Alberta are about to witness an interesting … Continue reading

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