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A blog for your edification: Susan says a lot of good stuff, and much more gently and pastorally than me. 🙂 Go visit!

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A storm is coming

This is a word I must bring to you, a word for 2007.  Indeed, this is something I have alluded to a number of times before, but the hour grows short, and the word more urgent. Friends, a storm is coming. … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

Because blogging may be just a little bit lighter over the next few days, I’d like to wish you now a happy and blessed Christmas!

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2007 Anglican Blog Awards

OK, so I was persuaded to ‘fess up.  I’ve been nominated for the Best New Anglican Blog, 2007 edition.  Seems as if we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but what do I know? If you want to, you can vote … Continue reading

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Yes, I know

For those of you who may have come here because of a certain blogospherical event, I’d just like to say: Yes – I know, and I do appreciate the nomination, thanks very much! For those who don’t have the foggiest … Continue reading

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The giving of a gift

Recently some folk were asking a bit more about the whole prophetic thing. So, for those that are interested, I’ve created a page on the right – The giving of a gift – that I hope will answer some of your … Continue reading

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Do you not know who you are?

This word was given to me in August 2004. It is the companion word to the spirit of the age: Do you not know who you are? With one prayer, you can change the world. My beloved, before all creation Bought … Continue reading

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Blinkin’ CaNN….

This morning, I hit a coffee-spewing moment.  CaNN owe me a new computer monitor.  🙂 OK, this is definitely an in-joke. If you’re not North American Anglican, just grin and bear it and I’ll post something that makes more sense soon….

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The price of conceit

This is the day when the vote is made as to whether to revisit same-sex marriage in Canada.  It is widely predicted to be a non-event.  That may well be the case, unfortunately.  The question then will be, what cost?  What … Continue reading

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The faithful?

Recently there has been (well, OK, I’ve particularly noticed) a trend towards the self-description of certain groups of Anglicans as ‘faithful’.  I’ve been ruminating about this for a while, but this post and resulting comments have got me thinking further. What … Continue reading

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