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Happy Christmas

May the blessing of Christ be yours this Christmas time!

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Something that is being hammered home with me right now is the imperative need to trust. Not in the things that are passing, however solid and reliable they seem right now, but in the only certain Rock of our salvation. … Continue reading

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An evil masqueraded

It was not without cause that Jesus dismissed those who claimed they were Jews, but were not, rather members of the synagogue of Satan. There is something particularly pernicious about wolves in sheep’s clothing, those who would claim to represent … Continue reading

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The Archbishop of Canterbury – an instrument of unity?

Cross-posted from the Essentials blog. Warning – if you are not an Anglican, this may not make a whole lot of sense! Having had time to digest the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advent letter, and read some of the responses that … Continue reading

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Building under the sand

I had a dream the other night, and while I don’t know whether to classify it as a prophetic dream, or a normal dream from which I’ve drawn meaning, I thought it might give you something to ponder. In my … Continue reading

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How great the Fathers love for us

I’ve been struggling the last week or so, writing drafts for posts and then not being entirely happy with them. This one in particular is something that’s been waiting for a while to post; I believe this is something that … Continue reading

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A word to us at this time

What follows below is a synthesis of some emails that have been floating about in our local prophetic group. I think that they deserve a wider audience: The word which was brought to my attention Nov. 26 is a word … Continue reading

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