Perfect prairie storm

Would anybody object if I mentioned the weather again? It’s just that over this weekend we are due something of the perfect prairie storm, and parts of the western prairies could see up to 100cm of snow. It might end up as something for the record books by Monday morning. If you’re interested, there is a thread here I’m following:

Right now it is snowing in Calgary and will be for the next three days. Temperatures are supposed to drop below -10c tonight. That is to say 15-20c below average, certainly nothing like normal for Mid-April!

Cams here if you want to watch:

UPDATE: The storm is a one-two punch. Here’s the result of the first part:

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2 Responses to Perfect prairie storm

  1. Pauline says:

    There are reports of snow for Vancouver too this weekend. As we are heading there next weekend I shall be really sorry to leave this beautiful Spring we are experiencing in Ontario and fight the cold again – but the weather can change on a dime right?

    Actually Peter, I do feel really sorry for you – it is hard to have good weather and then return to winter. Hope it doesn’t last too long.


  2. Steve L. says:

    I had to [snicker] come in for something cold [snicker] since its too hot [chortle] outside. We feel your pain [sniff], I’ll bet you wish it was March 13th all over. A poem to make you feel better.

    Roses are red, violets are blue, but how can you tell under a foot of snow.

    bwahhhaaaaa !

    Sorry, I take my medication now and sit in the sun till I feel better


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