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If Biblical Headlines were written by today’s Liberal Media

Something a little less serious for the end of the week. Actually, it’s not too far off the mark…. 😉 H/t Timbob and Word For It. On Red Sea crossing: WETLANDS TRAMPLED IN LABOR STRIKE Pursuing Environmentalists Killed ——————————————————————————– On … Continue reading

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Insanity competition

In my idler moments (it happens on rare occasions), I wonder to myself which is more insane, a culture that seems to encourage ‘anger expression’, or a culture that appears to bend over backwards to accommodate it? As an aside … Continue reading

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Who we are and where we stand

Well, it has been a momentous few days in the Anglican world here north of the border. When I have time I hope to put together some thoughts on the Network conference from the point of view of a participant … Continue reading

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More ANiC news

Second Anglican Network in Canada bishop received into Southern Cone Letter from Archbishop Gregory Venables, read 22 November 2007 at the Anglican Network in Canada national conference in Burlington, Ontario

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The Network Conference

Yes, I know I mentioned this recently, consider this another heads-up and request for prayer. This conference will be held in the light of the recent decisions by Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara for same-sex blessings (and in the latter case … Continue reading

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The Prophetic Savant

Something I thought those who move in the prophetic might find interesting (from here). In no way is this intended to be a self-description, indeed I only recognise elements of this, and that only in part. But I can identify … Continue reading

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The Pearl of great price

Matthew 13 45″Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. 46When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it. The key to this is desire. We … Continue reading

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Be still

To further the thought on the need to prepare and be found in the only safe place and refuge – that is Jesus Christ, I’d like to post a word given to our prophetic group recently. September 30, 2007 There … Continue reading

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The horsemen

So, to follow on a little from the last post – where do we find ourselves now? If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know where I am on this. If not then I offer you … Continue reading

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Schism and Reconciliation

Well, it is sad indeed, as I see what is going on in the Anglican church here in North America. Inevitable, but no less sorrowful that things have come to this pass. Necessary too, though I see no cause for … Continue reading

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