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Back soon…

….when I’ve fully kicked this Covid thing…. Natural immunity might be the best, but it’s not the most pleasant to acquire. However hopefully it’ll stand me in a bit better stead than the vaccinations did. 😉

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Happy Birthday

It just occurred to me – The Age to Come blog is 10 this month. Happy birthday, I guess. 🙂

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Oh. Canada.

While this is not intended to be a political blog, I find that I cannot resist saying something on the latest political shenanigans here in the frozen North. As a bit of background for my non-Canadian readers, we seem to … Continue reading

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Writing on the age to come

One of the challenges of blog writing is keeping the thing up to date. That’s particularly the case in running a blog that is intentionally prophetic in character. For it to be so, it requires reflection and prayer and time … Continue reading

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FYI, updates have been a little more sparse recently, as we have been looking for something to buy or rent (our landlord wants to sell the house we are renting). These decisions work out as being painfully time intensive! Still, … Continue reading

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FYI, you can get to this blog by as well as the normal now. I thought I’d go buy that domain as it was available. 🙂

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Still here

I am planning to publish something on deception shortly, however this weekend is looking a little full right now – and I’m turning over an extra year tomorrow, so I’m not massively inclined to write then. 😉

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We are waiting for some things to fall in place right now, and it means that the attention is not currently on blog-land. Drop a prayer in the hat, if you like. Thanks!

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Yes, we’ve been here long enough, filled out the mountains of paperwork, sat the tests, filled out yet more paperwork – and at last on Friday 11th we attended our citizen ceremony. We are now officially Canucks Canadians. 🙂

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Normal service….

….will be resumed shortly, whatever normal service actually is around here. The weekend was a tad busy, and yesterday we sat our Canadian citizenship tests – which seemed to involve standing in a queue for two hours to sit a … Continue reading

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