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More daft Anglican Journal letters

Yet again, the Anglican Journal is full of letters that I could charitably refer to as ‘daft’.  Check this link for the latest issue.  The first letter is the one that grabbed my attention, and again the really daft stuff is … Continue reading

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Anglican soap opera

It seems there is another chapter in the increasingly bleak farce that is the current Anglican soap opera.  Could this be sabre rattling, or something more?  Whatever the case may be, as the level of toxicity increases, it’s easy to respond to anger with … Continue reading

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The snake and the Church

Recently I was musing on the prayer of Jabez, which I then followed up with another post.  As I promised in that post, here is the word/vision given to me earlier this year.  The snake and the Church 16th February 2006 … Continue reading

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Last night a cold front swept down, route 1 from the arctic, dropping snow in a bitterly frigid northerly wind. By the close of play today we have 3.5″ of new powder and temperatures sitting at -9C (16F).  No, not crazy … Continue reading

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What if?

Following on from my post on the prayer of Jabez, I have a prophetic word from earlier this year that I’ll post over the weekend.  In the meantime, allow me to indulge in a little ‘what if?’  What if our whole … Continue reading

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Murder without style

Hospital admits to burning aborted babies in waste incinerator “One local woman, who asked not to be named, said after the heartache of deciding to have an abortion she was mortified to find the hospital had used the same furnace … Continue reading

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The language of grace

Well, as I mentioned recently, if you are a Christian, the world will hate you.  Fighting to right an injustice in court is certainly something we should engage in.  However, I’d still sound a word of caution against getting too wrapped … Continue reading

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The prayer of Jabez?

Currently I am studying 1 Chronicles, and am at the beginning – reading (OK, flitting) through the list of names and families.  Anyway, on Saturday I came to 1 Chronicles 4:10 which reads: Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, … Continue reading

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More links

Since I know that people are just hanging on to my blogroll recommendations, let me bring you BabyBlue, Kraalspace and Felix Hominum.  Welcome!

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I knew there was something wrong :-)

With all approriate h/t to CaNN for the silly graphic.   Made me snigger, anyway. 😉

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