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Thoughtcrime is now a real thing

In a bit of a “we got here first” totalitarian leap, the UK has introduced a first of type thoughtcrime law. Yesterday, parliament voted to criminalise any form of “influence” outside of abortion facilities – including in the form of … Continue reading

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Prior to the vote at the Church of England General Synod, the Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria spoke clearly and forthrightly about what the vote would mean for the wider Anglican Communion. You can watch that here: Specifically, he … Continue reading

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I have found that, when following Anglican synods both sides of the pond, that the Lord has a way of creating a testimony that can be seen by those with eyes to see. So, even in the midst of the … Continue reading

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There are none so blind….

I read an article recently on adoption, and this part stood out. Penny Green, an ex-charity worker from Bedfordshire, created the Facebook group for people who were born or have a link to The Haven, a mother and baby home … Continue reading

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We are not the righteous

There may be a bit of an uptick on Anglican focused posts this year. The news from the Church of England bishops last week comes as no surprise. Last November I said the writing was on the wall, and here … Continue reading

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The light of Christ

We live in a culture that worships immanence, and for whom transcendence is something barely recognised. Our eyes have become so dimmed, we can only occasionally see. We have been taught by the spirit of this age that nothing really … Continue reading

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The Bishop of Oxford made the news recently, making clear his views on same sex marriage had changed and he was now advocating that the Church of England embrace this practice. He apologised for causing distress and pain to LGBTQ+ … Continue reading

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The hope beyond

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you will have probably come away with the message that difficult times are imminent (and are now here in some respects) for the church in the West, and that … Continue reading

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The desecration of the land

They sacrificed their sons    and their daughters to false gods.They shed innocent blood,    the blood of their sons and daughters,whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,    and the land was desecrated by their blood. Psalm 106 v37-38 The importance of blood and … Continue reading

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Diamond and graphite

As a Christian, what does your life look like? Like this? Or this? They are both made out of the same element, but with radically different properties. The former is made up of many different layers, but the bonds between … Continue reading

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