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Canada 2003-2015

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Winter has come

A little break from the prophetic posts to note that winter is here again. Earlier this week – positive temperatures, autumnal feel. Now -20c and well, you can see…

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Winter storm

Some pics from the winter storm we had last Friday, it was quite something! Gale force northerly, snow and blowing snow, temps dropping to -10c, etc. Now sitting at a frigid -20c…..

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A few more snow pictures

Some more pictures from the aftermath of last Sundays storm: But, that wasn’t then end of it, another 10-15cm dropped on us Friday and Saturday, giving 25cm lying: Oh, and temperatures took a bit of a tumble. -30c is -20F … Continue reading

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Winter at last

Well, we’ve been waiting for the proper arrival of winter, and at last today it came, albeit totally unforecast!

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Why you should visit the Canadian Rockies in September

I rest my case.

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This week has distractions

Seeing as the hourly rate for blogging is a little less than spectacular, I’m required to work to earn a daily crust. However, some weeks have their compensations. I would certainly say I’m a little distracted and feeling less inclined … Continue reading

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Only in Calgary…

…can you have a day that gets to 23c (73F) and sunny, then just 5 hours later 1c (34F) and this: Yes, it is what it looks like – further evidence this morning: The only thing predictable here is that … Continue reading

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Autumn 2007

Autumn comes to Calgary…. And so does September snow too, but we don’t need to go into that!

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Holyhocks?! Yes, Holyhocks. Permit me a blog diversion as I bring you a few pictures of these superb plants growing in our garden; coincidentally proving at the same time that Canada does have a summer. Thank you for your toleration … Continue reading

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