Pray for the Anglicans….

Just as a little note, if my non-Anglican readers ( heck, even the Anglican ones if you like šŸ˜‰ ) could pray for the meeting of the primates ( leaders ) in Tanzania this week, it would be really good. There’s a big spiritual battle going on there, with the likelihood of a major split in the church. This is likely sadly necessary now – with the gulf between those who are holding onto the faith once delivered and those who are trying to reinvent it wider than ever. If you want details, CaNN or SF are good bets.

This might be one of those Kairos moments, and in these moments a lot of good or bad things can happen. So, really it’s a prayer for protection, wisdom, guidance and grace, and that Gods will is done. Ta muchly…

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6 Responses to Pray for the Anglicans….

  1. Pauline Bettney says:

    Thanks for that post Peter. I have been praying continually and with prayer partners for a way forward for the faithful. It is indeed very dark at the moment and we are under judgement.

    PS My husband has been appointed the People’s Warden in our Church. We have a group of wonderful, young, orthodox priests in our Diocese whom God has placed here for the battle. I continue to pray for you Peter.


  2. mcalmond says:

    You Peter, as are all, who are in this battle are in our prayers. This battle isn’t just about the Anglicans, it is much broader in its scope and import. It seems to be at the moment most certainly focused here, however. Stand fast and Stand true, for he who is your Lord and Savior, stands with you.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!


  3. faithwalk says:

    I amen what Phil said, this is but one of many battle fronts as the Lord shakes everything. Only what is truly of Christ will stand.
    Our prayers are with you for this, and every situation the church is now facing. Perilous days indeed are upon us, but Jesus Christ has already won the battle if we simply stand and remain in Him.

    Bless you Peter! God is Faithful!


  4. Dan says:

    No one, especially in the western world, is not affected by these battles. My own denom. (ELCA) is going down the same path, so we are alos affiliated with an Evangelical goup. If we are pastors, we must protect our flocks from the false shepherds, the wolves who seek to steal,kill, and destroy. The evil one wants to sexually violate the body of Christ. It is up to peoplelike us to bear witness to Christ and the Truth which sets us free. Tough times are ahead; we will be going against the grain of a culture where unbeleif is highly developed; we will be called many names and insulted and worse. But Christ stands among us and will find us faithful in the midst of this battle. Our Lord Jesus is victorious.
    In Christ, Dan


  5. Peter says:

    Seems like folk are being put in place (even me, ahem). Perhaps wardens in name will be wardens indeed, guardians of the truth.


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