And now for something completely different….

I thought I’d just pass on FYI a website I visit from time to time that chronicles the increasing madness that is the principality known as the European Union.

It’s certainly not all to my taste, and neither am I endorsing everything written there, but it does provide a refreshingly un-PC look at the EU. Now, my interest in this is because I’m British, for those in N America you may want to give this a pass. On the other hand, the EU could stand as a object lesson for us all. Well, perhaps stand as an object lesson for those in the States, Canucks are doing their best to outstrip the EU in absurd and death-seeking choices.

This one is worth reading. The result of jettisoning beliefs, followed by morals, then common sense. What you are left with are petty thoughtcrime laws. Note, this is not about whether any particular thought is sensible or not, but about making it illegal to think/say something. It will be most interesting if Turkey ever does join the EU (read the last paragraph). Hard to know whether to laugh or cry……

Another article for thought, probably very risky for me to even link to, but, ah well, what’s a wannabe misogynist to do?

Oh, and I’m really glad we don’t homeschool in Germany….

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4 Responses to And now for something completely different….

  1. Dan says:

    Pete, can pastors/priests be fined for teaching Scriptural concepts re: sexuality? I had heard of a Catholic Bishop cahrged with hate crime for critiicizng divorce and gay unions (I think this was in Canada). Do you forsee the poss. of pastors/priests being fined/jailed for refusing to provide gay marriage rites? It seems Canada is way ahead of the Us on the slide down the mountain.

    Just Curious, Dan


  2. Peter says:

    Hi Dan,

    Not yet, but there was a guy who was fined for producing tracts with the quotes from the Bible on homosexual behaviour. I think it was regarded as ‘hate speech’ or something like it. The Catholic Bishop is Fred Henry, Bishop of Calgary, and one of the few who will speak up. He was accused of these things, as you say, but it was really just malicious on behalf of the accuser.

    In Canada we have these things called Human Rights Tribunals, which are like courts but without all those niceties like proof and the suchlike. They are the favourite vehicle of those who want to bring stuff like this against Christians.

    We have something called The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – a wise friend once said with the introduction of this (1982) it would mean the end of both. Such as it is, as now implied rights read into the charter trump explicit rights written in the charter. You can’t legislate common sense, what you end up with is nothing like common sense. Well, I could go on, hopefully you get the idea….


  3. faithwalk says:

    Oh dear… what new absurdity will they come up with next? I say let Turkey in and watch the fun!
    Hmm.. sadly I fear the good old US isn’t to far behind. May the Lord have mercy on us all!


  4. Peter says:

    There but for the grace of God go we all. The EU really is an object lesson though!


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