What if?

Following on from my post on the prayer of Jabez, I have a prophetic word from earlier this year that I’ll post over the weekend.  In the meantime, allow me to indulge in a little ‘what if?’ 

What if our whole western economy was a hollow pack of cards, only waiting for the right moment to crash?  What if the insane idolatry of unbounded growth and unbridled debt came to a screeching halt?  What if this mountain of debt we use to feed our insatiable greed and dull our spiritual pain was to crush us?  What would happen if these debts were all called in – personal, corporate and governmental?  What if we suddenly discovered that our savings and money were based on nothing more than electronic 1s and 0s – or in the best case pieces of paper and discs of metal?  What if we discovered that these things are not edible?

What would happen if this house of cards suddenly – for it would be sudden – crashed around our ears? Disorientation? Despair? Our gods……no more than paper tigers……..

Then, what would rise to take power in the vacuum?  I’d lay odds it would be totalitarian.  I’d also lay odds it would not be Christian friendly.

Strangely enough, if these things come to pass, I think it will be a blessing to us.  No, certainly not an immediately apparent blessing.  A drug addict in rehab does not see the blessing of rehab. 

I think we might end up stronger for it though.  And able to bring the gospel to a world shorn of its ridiculous pretensions.

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