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Reflections on Spirit of the Age, Part 2

Perhaps it might seem that I am spending too much time on this word, but I think it is important that words such as this, if adjudged genuine, are responded to. The original word can be found here, and the first part … Continue reading

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…when there is no peace

I don’t know if I have a masochistic streak or something, but I genuinely do try to reach out to the ‘liberal’ camp – we may fundamentally disagree on much, but I think it’s important to keep some lines of … Continue reading

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Peace, peace….

 Yes, the PoR report on the diocese of NewWest is out.  One has to wonder if it was worth the effort.  I feel kind of sorry for the panel – they have an almost hopeless job.  I’ll leave others to … Continue reading

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October?  If U2 had been Calgarian that song would be called ‘September’. In fact, we are due to get our first taste of winter on Monday with sub-zero maximums and snow.  A massive low pressure system over Hudsons bay is … Continue reading

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Sacrifices to continue

From what little glimpses of Gods’ character I have had, I have beheld the burning intensity of both love and holiness; mercy and justice.  I do not know how they are held together, but they are.  I think this is why the prophets … Continue reading

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Profound insult to Christ?

One of the things I do when reading the Anglican Journal is to turn to the letters page just to see what people are saying.  Lately, the Journal seems to have given up all pretence at being impartial and as … Continue reading

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Reflections on Spirit of the Age, Part 1

I’d like to begin some reflections on the word that was given here.  It is a key prophecy, both for me, our local church and quite possibly wider afield.  As ever, let the reader judge. The prophecy was given in January … Continue reading

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Don Martin falls a little short of the mark

There is a certain danger in commenting on something that you obviously haven’t a clue about. This was my brief response. Hi,   I just read your editorial today with some incredulity.  It seems to me that either you are woefully … Continue reading

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The current conflict

I remain convinced that we are currently engaged in a war.  Not the conventional sort – the protagonists are strange and the methods unorthodox.  But, a war nonetheless. How else can you understand the de facto alliance between those who … Continue reading

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Is there nothing so incredibly annoying as writing a whole post, thinking ‘I’d better save this so I don’t lose it’, then finding that the save button totally wipes it out? Grumble.  Right – I’ll try again.

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