The language of grace

Well, as I mentioned recently, if you are a Christian, the world will hate you. 

Fighting to right an injustice in court is certainly something we should engage in.  However, I’d still sound a word of caution against getting too wrapped up in the rights language.  That language is the worlds’ language.  We are not our own – we were bought with a price.  As such, we have no rights – but we do have the gift of grace, which by far surpasses anything we could grasp for ourselves.  If we have anything to offer the world, it that same grace. 

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms will not protect Canadian christians, nor will the Constitution protect American christians, neither will established Church status protect British christians.

But in Christ, we already have the victory. 

In a world that grows darker, I pray we never forget that.

UPDATE:  Of course, for some the world is already a pretty dark place. Please pray.

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2 Responses to The language of grace

  1. Maria says:

    God bless
    Maria in the UK


  2. Peter says:

    You’re welcome.


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