Writing on the age to come

One of the challenges of blog writing is keeping the thing up to date. That’s particularly the case in running a blog that is intentionally prophetic in character. For it to be so, it requires reflection and prayer and time with the Lord, which does not always sync well with the ‘feed me’ blog culture.

I’ve toyed with the idea of turning this into more static content, such as a web site, and that may happen in the future. For now, it shall remain as a blog but possibly not be updated at the normal frequency of one. That is to say, if I have an insight or a word that I think might be of some value, and have the time and space to post it, then I’ll do so. Otherwise, things shall remain as they are. I’ll no longer be succumbing to that ‘post because I haven’t posted in a while’ pressure!

In either case, the blog remains open – feel free to post comment.



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6 Responses to Writing on the age to come

  1. Good insight on your part. Consider all the garbage that comes out of the “academic” world because of the “publish or perish” pressure.

    If the word has to be on my schedule, it probably ain’t God’s word.


  2. Peter says:

    Thanks Timothy, I’ll be doing my level best not to feel the blog with junk food!


  3. faithwalk says:

    Hello Peter!
    Sorry it”s been so long since touching base but things around here have been busy; our lives so very changed from what they were only a year ago. I understand your reflections regarding the blog as I have had to let mine sit fallow theses last few months.
    I miss it and yet, am not certain I have anything of worth to share during this season of life.
    Lets keep in touch otherwise and please, give our love to Ruthy and the children!

    Every blessing and grace to you dear brother!



  4. code says:

    hi peter! 🙂


  5. Peter says:

    Hello Susan,

    Glad to hear from you – hope things are well for you? Must get to the email soon, still suffering the aftershocks of having to move house. Nothing quite turns out how you expect, eh?




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