We are waiting for some things to fall in place right now, and it means that the attention is not currently on blog-land. Drop a prayer in the hat, if you like. Thanks!

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14 Responses to Waiting….

  1. Steve L. says:

    Not sure what I’m praying for, but you and God do, that’s fine by me.


  2. white rabbit says:

    I’d suggest Steve that we are praying for “Thy kingdom come” and that “Thy will be done on earth.” Sadly I don’t see how the dissidents and their obsession with sex are helping things. I disagree with the local bishop in a few areas but I am hardly going to go off in the huff and start my own church. First the methodists left and now the new puritans are leaving and at this rate there will shortly be nothing left. Me? I am praying that we survive this latest attack against the church just as previous attacks have been rebuffed.


  3. Steve L. says:

    Good morning white rabbit. Actually it’s not an obsession with sex. Of all the sins that bar entry to heaven, the ACoC and TEC chose to actually bless one. Come on over to the Occasional Christian and we’ll talk about it and let Pete and Ruthy have the time they need. And I belong to one of the new plants and had the joy of witnessing another start up. It’s a pleasure to worship without suffering false teachings from a heretical bishop.


  4. white rabbit says:

    What is the web site Steve and I’ll look it over. Thanks


  5. Steve L. says:

    Just click on my name it will bring up the site


  6. Warren says:

    White Rabbit, before my exposure to Anglicanism two and a half years ago, I, like many evangelicals I know, thought that the ACoC had ceased functioning as a true church decades ago; long before homosexuality was an issue). The view held by many Christian I know is that the ACoC is essentially dead and all that are left are a few sentimental old people who like religious ritual and some others who want to paganize Christian traditions. I discovered that there is much to admire in the Anglican tradition and that the “dissidents” were still giving the church some life. I think the analogy of people leaving a fast-sinking ship is much more apt than that of an organization rebuffing attacks. On that happy note, I’ll say good night.

    P.S. I appreciate that you would probably have an “interesting” view of the denomination I grew up in as well.


  7. white rabbit says:

    Thanks Steve L but I am not sure that I belong there either – electric guitars, women priests; but if Pete and Ruthy need the rest I suppose I could give it a go.
    And Warren, Its a blog. Its supposed to be “interesting.” I find that by taking a stand I am sometimes “shot down” and stand corrected. But, like playing the ponies or the stocks, unless one puts one’s money down ya never know if you are right or wrong. i guess that in post free speech Canada that is a hard thing for most people now.


  8. Warren says:

    White Rabbit, interesting or not, I think that blogs are generally soap boxes, and one of the few remaining places where there still seems to be a modicum of free speech (too free, sometimes). Actually, I doubt that most blogs would be read if opinions weren’t expressed and shot down on a regular basis. Most bloggers aren’t talented enough writers to be consistently interesting without some injection of controversy. It’s also a competitive market place – if there isn’t something new happening on your blog on a regular basis, it will soon be forgotten. Blogs certainly are an interesting form of communication. Maybe I will have to start my own some day – I might be able to find one reader.


  9. white rabbit says:

    i could not agree more Warren. I would never start a blog of mine own and i often think that I should take more time writing my comments but the nature of blogs is such that I can hardly write my letter and leave it in the top drawer while I think about it before putting a stamp on it. Blogs really are a bit “too now” for serious thinking. Just the coffee talking.


  10. Peter says:

    Now you all seem to be fairly busy without me 🙂 I think I shall have to write something soon – I’ve got something new that might pique some interests.


  11. Diana says:

    Well you know that I’m praying that you will be guided, and that God will show you where you need to ‘land’.


  12. Peter says:

    Thanks 🙂


  13. faithwalk says:

    You and Ruthy always have our prayers Peter, and we do appreciate yours as well!
    It will interesting to see where we all land. As long as it’s where the Lord wants us, that’s good enough for me! 😉

    Blessings in Jesus!


  14. Peter says:

    Thanks Susan 🙂 An email should be in your inbox…..




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