Autumn 2007

Autumn comes to Calgary….

Autumn 2007

And so does September snow too, but we don’t need to go into that!

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8 Responses to Autumn 2007

  1. faithwalk says:

    Gorgeous! But snow?
    Are you certain you don’t want to live in a warmer climate? 😉

    Blessings to you all,



  2. So summer up there lasts, what, two weeks? 😉


  3. Peter says:

    If that, lol 🙂

    Actually, when we do get summer it’s very good – sunny and warm. Just doesn’t last that long!


  4. Peter says:

    PS Susan I have to say I like the snow. There’s nothing like a crisp, cold winters day at -10 with snow on the ground 🙂


  5. faithwalk says:

    Peter, I love the snow… Just not in September!
    I have always wanted to live somewhere it snows, a bit more than here at least. Maybe 2-3 feet now and then would be nice. Or more if it was just the right place in the mountains…
    one can always dream can’t they?


  6. Peter says:

    Heh – yes snow in September is a bit of a shock to the system. However, we’re not in the high north, so any falls now will not last. End of October is a different story.

    However, who knows where we’ll end up? Watch the valleys….


  7. Diana says:

    What a glorious, uplifting picture! The Lord’s creation is truly spectacular.


  8. faithwalk says:

    The valleys…
    Is there something more you would like to share Peter? 🙂


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