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Update on the Canadian Anglican world

I’ve been spending time over at the AEC blog recently, and it seems like a good time to give a brief summary of the goings-on here as well. On the West and East coast Bishops have been behaving badly. Over … Continue reading

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The window of grace

The times seem more uncertain, suddenly the strong breeze of prosperity has dropped – the wind more fitful and changeable. Those sailing in blissful ignorance are now stirring and wondering where the breeze that had been promised to blow constantly … Continue reading

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Please pray

This week has been quiet here as I have been preparing for a couple of important church meetings this weekend that I’ll be speaking at. I would most welcome your prayers for them, for those who will be speaking, for … Continue reading

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Northern Plains Anglican

The challenge in this game is how to turn random misspelled thoughts in your draft folder into pixels of distinguishment. Or at least prose that is not entirely boring 😉 Seems like I might not have much time to do … Continue reading

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A busy weekend for Canadian Anglicans

I’ve been rather busy this weekend blogging the goings-on in Anglicanism here in Canada, to wit, seven churches leaving the Anglican Church of Canada. For details, go here – the short short version is as follows: Seven Anglican congregations voted … Continue reading

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Her Majesty is not amused with our Rowan

Could…not…resist the image. Blame Michael Daley. I do.

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Barnabas Fund responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recommendation to apply Islamic law in the UK

I support the Barnabas Fund charity, which seeks to help Christians living with persecution, particularly in the Islamic world. The founder of this charity, Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, comes from a Muslim background and has advised on Islamic issues at a … Continue reading

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Anglican Wars

When I set up this blog in September 2006, I said I was focusing on two things – firstly the prophetic, but also Anglican affairs. Well, 2008 comes round and the wars continue unabated, in fact now intensifying. This is … Continue reading

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As an aside to begin the week…..

It’s kind of ironic, considering that in the current Anglican Unpleasantness I and my compatriots are labelled as cultural Neanderthals somewhat to the right of Genghis Kahn, that in this Baptist controversy, I’d probably be labelled as a backslidden apostate … Continue reading

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2008 is the year of the gate (Mark Stibbe prophecy)

Just a little something below from Mark Stibbe that I thought you might find encouraging – I did! Perhaps a small ‘ouch’ moment as I hear of yet another kind of anointing, but hey, I’ll be generous and let that … Continue reading

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