The darkness covering our land – the hidden evil

Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5 v20

This next post is a long one, so I will post it in sections over the next few days before posting the full version at the end. It is about something close to my heart; the all-present darkness covering our land that the majority of people simply ignore. But, and this is the point, that God cannot and will not ignore.

First, to set the scene. Northern Ireland has been a holdout in terms of abortion laws in the West – as opposed to Ireland, who voted for abortion last year. Now, Northern Ireland has been without a functioning government for the last two years, a state of affairs that the UK parliament took advantage of in July this year when they voted 332-99 to repeal the law against abortion in Northern Ireland. More on that here.

This repeal was actually courtesy of an disingenuous amendment put forward by an MP, Stella Creasey, to a bill that had nothing to do with social issues. It was in fact taking advantage of a political situation to impose abortion by fiat, rather than allowing Northern Ireland to determine this for themselves.

Based on Ireland’s decision, perhaps Northern Ireland would have made the same decision should it have gone to a vote. Or perhaps not, as there is still a strong pro-life community there. However as a holdout they had to be targeted as soon as possible; some people were not prepared to wait for a democratic decision.

What is even more remarkable is that Stella Creasey is currently pregnant. Presumably as such, she knows the value of life – but clearly not enough to think twice before imposing death and destruction on other children.

More to follow…

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