What I’m finding interesting following GAFCON from afar is the level of vitriol from the MSM. I wouldn’t have expected anything in the way of support, but the level of scorn is usually masked better than it is at present. Examples here, here and here. This I find encouraging, for you do not bother to attack what you do not consider a threat. The fact that the ‘world’ is so resolutely hating this has to be a hopeful sign. I say that cautiously, for I don’t support persecution complexes, however in this case I think it sticks.

(c/p from the Essentials blog)

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2 Responses to Vitriol

  1. white rabbit says:

    I wish i could remember where I read it but some priest was explaining that while after centuries of inculcation we have trouble bringing ourselves to kill people we do tend to pick on people who are “not quite” and can harass them up to and including death, as in bullying. The MSM has realised that “the church” has fallen from grace and is merely having fun throwing rotten tomatoes at the has beens. Can we really blame the MSM for mocking us who mock our God?


  2. Ruth Gledhill, normally a balanced reporter IMO, seems interested only in some kind of LGBT human interest angle as far as GAFCON.

    But I think you’re right. God is doing something powerful through GAFCON, and that is scaring some of the status quo folks.


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