Reality disconnect in the Anglican world

I know I have not written much on the Anglican world recently on this blog, in many ways because I get my ‘fix’ on the AEC blog!

So, I had planned on saying something about the recent Primates communique, here. However, I see that this has been dissected with clarity in many places, such as here and here. A pithy summary of this document would be that it contains paragraphs of turgid Anglican prose with promises to talk lots more. And a seeming backing away from ACNA from the orthodox primates, as MCJ elaborates on here.

On the other hand, from here and other sources, we hear that the orthodox primates went away very pleased with the outcome.

So, the point of this post comes in the form of a question from one most puzzled. There appears to be a reality disconnect between what the primates are saying, and the actual document that they signed up to. Could somebody clarify?

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2 Responses to Reality disconnect in the Anglican world

  1. Pauline says:

    Peter – it was for that very reason that I watched the video of Orombi and Venables. I just couldn’t understand the Primates communique. When they speak I can understand; the written words matter very little which is what Orombi and Venables said – they don’t trust the communique and wonder if there will be mediation? They doubt it very much.

    Our stand in priest today, said that he had received an e-mail from Fred asking the clergy to vision what the Anglican Church of Canada would be like in 2019 – duh – they are having to beg for money from the Dioceses for a meeting this year – I think Fred is out of touch with reality – 10 years from now I doubt the ACoC will resemble very little of anything.


  2. Peter says:

    Well, it is just a communique I suppose. Still slightly odd IMHO.


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