The Network Conference

Yes, I know I mentioned this recently, consider this another heads-up and request for prayer. This conference will be held in the light of the recent decisions by Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara for same-sex blessings (and in the latter case the decision of the Bishop to assent to the request). In addition it will also be held in light of Archbishop Venable’s offer of oversight and Bishop Harvey’s reception into the Southern Cone.

We certainly live in interesting times, and this should be an interesting conference. As a conference participant my blogging may be limited, though hopefully we will get some stuff up on the AEC blog if not here. Stay tuned, as I have a busy week and may not be able to post until Burlington.

Oh, and did I mention the need for prayer? Thank you!

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6 Responses to The Network Conference

  1. Pauline Bettney says:

    Prayers ascending Peter. God certainly knows how to time things doesn’t he. I would love to see the heavenly battle taking place right now – something is breaking. Thanks for all you do and will do.


  2. white rabbit says:

    I find it all very sad Peter. While all our Anglican bishops have my prayers I really don’t see the point of bishops “going under” some far off archbishop that really isn’t that much more conservative than, say, Bishop Ingham. Most men are uncomfortable with sodomy but I think we give too much time to the subject. Divorce is far more important. Women wanting to be men (and vice versa) is another major issue and so called conservatives allowing women priestesses is not helping. And then there are the parents handing their children over to the state (our new god) for education, as they call it. Yes, I am against homosexuality but I wouldn’t leave the church – the old sweetie – because of that. And speaking of old sweeties I am bewildered as to why anyone would take most bishops seriously. The church is doing just fine and if certain bishops are into humiliation then we should just ignore them- by gum lad!


  3. macjr says:

    Totally off topic, but Peter, I just wanted to drop in and say, May you and yours have a glorious Thanksgiving in the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!


  4. timbob says:

    Good morning. Just wishing you and your household a most blessed thanksgiving in Jesus.



  5. Diana says:

    May God protect you and guide you while you’re in Burlington.


  6. Peter says:

    Thank you all kindly – I have been a tad busy but should be back in operation shortly!


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