Be still

To further the thought on the need to prepare and be found in the only safe place and refuge – that is Jesus Christ, I’d like to post a word given to our prophetic group recently.

September 30, 2007

There is a great challenge coming to the world.
I will pull those whom I love out of the fire.
Be prepared.
Those whom I love I will save.
Wait upon me for guidance.
I love you all the days.
Do not be afraid – I love you.

As a watchman tell and warn all you know.
They will think you are foolish but know I am in control.
Be still I am near.
I love you all.
Be still and know that I am the Lord your God.

Be still
Be still
Give thanks always in Jesus your saviour and God
Be still and know I am the Lord your God
Like a thief I am coming

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4 Responses to Be still

  1. John G. says:

    Even so come Lord Jesus. Come and purify your church. We have wondered from the path you have set before us. Send the fire of your Holy Spirit to purify your church. For two long our prayer has been “Let OUR will be done!”. Now is the time for your people to once again pray those words spoken in the garden so long ago, “Not our will, but YOUR will be done” in all things. The world needs us to point them to you Father, but first we must be cleansed. Send the Fire Father, send it so that we may share it. Through Christ, the true and only savior of mankind Amen and Amen.


  2. Dan says:

    Peter, I remember a post of yours where you brought up the possibility of using a simple daily office of prayer [Celtic Daily Prayer] which I use, as a way to pray together in the Spirit even as we are separated by distance. I do think that could be part of our preparations to dwell in the shelter of the Lord as things unfold. Just a thought.
    Peace, Dan


  3. Peter says:

    Hello Dan – Yes, this kind of praying can help bring us together even when we are apart. This type of community is something much on our hearts. Blessings on you and yours,



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