Prophetic words

Below is an compliation of prophetic words posted here over the last couple of years. I hope it blesses and strengthens you.

For me, it is a time to rest and seek the Lord more deeply. We are currently in the process of moving, which may well be true spiritually as well as physically, and it is a good time to take a step back and seek His heart. I’ll still be about, but I’m not planning on updating here for a while. Any who would like to get in contact with me and don’t have my email address can contact my anonymous address at gs07liveblog (at) hotmail (dot) com – if I know you I’ll email back with my real address!



The window of grace – 26th March 2008.
The twilight of the current age – 7th February 2008.
The plumbline – 1st January 2008.
Trust – 22nd December 2007.
The mercy judgment – 16th September 2007.
The axe is at the foot of the tree – 12th July 2007.
Avalanche – 19th May 2007.
The story – 16th May 2007.
The 11th hour – 15th April 2007.
What is hidden will be revealed – 30th March 2007.
The fisherman – 10th March 2007.
The tree vision – 8th Marth 2007.
Desert – 25th February 2007.
False teachers – 7th February 2007.
Tsumani – 7th January 2007.
The heart of winter – 4th January 2007.
A storm is coming – 27th December 2006.
Do you not know who you are? – 13th December 2006.
The snake and the Church – 29th October 2006.
What if? – 27th October 2006.
The prayer of Jabez? – 22nd October 2006.
To run the race – 26th September 2006.
Such a time as this – 20th September 2006.
Ichabod – 13th September 2006.
The spirit of the age – 11th September 2006.

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5 Responses to Prophetic words

  1. code says:

    hi peter! 🙂


  2. Peter says:

    hello code, how are you?


  3. Perpetua says:


    I just found your blog on Stand Firm’s Around the Web blog roll. I’m interested in your prophetic visions. I can’t find an email contact. Is it possible to email you?


  4. Peter says:

    I’ll drop you a line!


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