A call to speak

Recently I was thinking, what more is there to say right now? We stand at the edge, waiting. We know we cannot save ourselves.

I have stood, and called out, warning those who would heed. Just one voice amongst many, raised up to speak the truth to those who would hear, and as a witness to those who would not. I am no fool, with all the effort it seems like only a few will heed the call to prepare.

But, as the Lord showed me, success is not my concern. Rather, being faithful with what I have been given, and the task to which I have been called, that is my concern. When you have been called to the plough, then you had better keep ploughing while there is still daylight to work. Do not be anxious about times and seasons, He says to me, for that is something in My hands and something I determine by My authority.

A few years ago I was given a picture of a bridge over a river. On front of this bridge was a kind of gate, two posts placed either side of the entrance to the bridge. On those posts were placed mirrors. However, these mirrors were warped and dull. This, He said to me, is your task – to shine those mirrors so they again reflect Me. Do not worry about the dents and pits that are warping the reflection, that is not your concern.

Understand this analogy in terms of the head and the heart. The mirror has to be burnished to reflect Jesus. Without this ability to reflect Him, the mirror may be as correct as you wish, but not achieve its purpose. This is the heart. Equally, a shiny mirror that is pitted and warped will not reflect a true picture of Jesus. This is the head. Both are necessary for a person to fully reflect Jesus, a head full of good teaching about the true character and nature of God, and a heart that shines Him out to the world.

Shining the mirror is something akin to a John the Baptist ministry, preparing the way of the Lord, preparing hearts that they may be open to receive the Lord. Goodness knows I am no John the Baptist, but it is to that type of ministry that I’ve been called. Others are called to combat the heresies of the Church, to recover a right understanding of the nature and truth of God as revealed through scripture.

So, whilst there is still time, I will try to continue to speak words that I am given – to warn, to exhort, the prepare, to awaken – that the body of Christ may be made just a little more ready to receive and trust in her King.

In summary? Do what you are called to do and persevere in it. Do not judge success or failure as man determines it, for the Lord uses a very different yardstick. Neither look to another worker and bemoan that you are not doing this, or that – for that is not your calling. Be faithful with what you have been given, and to the task that you have been entrusted, that is what the Lord requires of you.

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4 Responses to A call to speak

  1. Dan says:

    Peter, I think you’ve done very well in the assignment God has given to you at this time. What you say has spoken to my spirit, many times, as the real deal. Thank you.



  2. timbob says:

    Greetings. I agree completely with Dans comment. Thanks for continuously posting that which the Lord has placed on your heart.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.



  3. Diana says:

    A very clear message Peter, and which I pray many will read and think about. Faithful, consistent, loyal and true to God’s plan should be our aim.
    God bless you my son.


  4. Peter says:

    Thank you all šŸ™‚


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