There is more than a slight irony after posting thoughts on identifying with and praying for your country, that I find myself unable to pray for my people.

It appears that abortion is alive and well in the UK, and so are human-animal hybrids, along with saviour siblings. And as for fathers, who needs them? Seems too, after a cursory glance at the forums, that most people see all this as good (admittedly this is a fully moderated forum on the Beeb, so hardly to be taken as a balanced view).

This is a country I feel ashamed of right now. Beset between the twin horns of Islamic and secular fundamentalism, it celebrates its destruction in a vile orgy of evil.

I find I have nothing more to say, and nothing to pray.

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5 Responses to Wickedness

  1. Pauline says:

    I agree Peter. Heartbreaking. However I did read the piece by Melanie Phillip’s at her web – Britain’s Cultural Chasm, which gives another point of view which is very encouraging.

    J.I. Packer said that God allows something to achieve its full nature to reveal what exactly it is and then it is squeezed out, so I have to believe that this is what is happening now. It is pure evil. There is no other answer.


  2. Gene says:

    Lord, have mercy. And we seem to be following the same path wagging our tails behind us.


  3. Dan says:

    It looks like God’s judgment is coming; if Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed what can our paganized societies expect? “as in the days of Noah….” Etc…. I’ve been listiening to some of Andrew Storm’s messages at revival school, and he sees a huge price to pay for these kind of things. Peter, the storm you’ve sensed coming is starting, And it is tough to pray for a people/country who want nothing to do with God. All of us need to repent.


  4. Peter says:

    We all do indeed. And I take your point Pauline about something revealing it’s true nature. I hope there are enough left standing who care.


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