The joy of the Lord

So often we place our caricature of God between us and Him, and it is no less true in respect of His joy. In so many ways, our God is too small. We, perhaps, perceive Him as a little dour, a bit mean, a touch parsimonious. Nothing overt, but there nonetheless.

The truth is very different. Just as many aspects of Gods character would overwhelm us in their fullness were we to perceive them as they are, so it is with His joy. The joy of the Lord is a deep well bubbling up with a delight and sparkling mirth. He is perennially delighted, full of the kind of joy that a child shows. And, He can fill you with that divine joy!

What then, does this exclude His other characteristics? Not at all – but please understand that of His many faceted nature, every glimpse it almost overpowering. His is a fullness that no-one can fathom, overwhelming in its life and vitality. What paupers we are without Him, how we lack nothing when we are in Christ and He in us!

Let His joy and delight fill you today!

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