Happy birthday to…umm…me

I guess I neglected to mention that The Age to Come is all of a year old. I plan to celebate by jumping up and down in my seat, making funny baby noises and dunking my head into a birthday cake adorned with a single candle. Or…maybe not… Maybe I just need to get a grip….

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7 Responses to Happy birthday to…umm…me

  1. joseph says:

    I suggest you do all of the above, and then post some pictures. Happy blog-day


  2. Peter says:

    Hey, fast comment 🙂 Thanks! Next year I plan on a temper tantrum online….


  3. faithwalk says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!
    Your blog is three months older than mine, where has the time gone?
    As for celebrating, at least go for the cake… 🙂
    You’ve got to have some fun in life, eh?

    Bless you Peter!



  4. Happy Blog Birthday, Peter—and many more!


  5. Peter says:

    Thanks all 🙂


  6. rjperalta says:

    Praise God for the year!
    May you bless many more in the coming year, as He leads you.
    Hello to all the family from me,


  7. Peter says:

    Thanks! 🙂


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