Hello, once again!

Hey, so where did August go? Suddenly we’re here at the gate of September – the trees are yellowing, the frosts are coming, children go back to school. And so the world turns.

I have to confess that I posted this a little early – when it appears on the blog I shall be doing the Canadian thing and enjoying the long weekend, out with our trailer camping. However, after this long weekend I’ll be back and hopefully posting on the blog more often.

Somebody once said the only thing worse than blogging is not blogging. I think I am beginning to understand. However, I’m likely to become a little more measured as we move into the fall, in that I’ll post when there is a need to post, rather than posting because I haven’t posted for a few days. It’s kind of stupid, but it can get to be real pressure to keep those posts coming. Anyway, so I’ll take a step back from that a little and post more when there is a need.

I am currently working on a sermon that’ll be delivered at our church 16th September, so that may take precedence for a while. I say sermon, though it’s more likely to be an extended prophetic message. I’ve been feeling the urgency to do that – it’s kind of an Ezekiel watchman on the walls kind of thing. It’s hard to know who is more stupid, me for asking to fill a sermon slot, or the church for letting me. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, what can you do? I’ve been calling for us in Christ to be prepared, and I have to continue doing so while I still can. The hour seems more short, the times to come imminent – there is a real urgency to call folk to wake up! However, urgency does not always translate well into timing. All that can really be done is to issue the call. Anyway, I’m rambling a little here. Suffice to say that the final approved etc etc version of this sermon will find its way onto this blog site in due course.

In the meantime – time to enjoy the last weekend of the summer! πŸ™‚

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6 Responses to Hello, once again!

  1. faithwalk says:

    Hey, now how cool is that? I ask where the post is at midnight and you post at the same time. hm… πŸ™‚

    Welcome back Peter!

    and hey, there’s that bit of British self deprecation slipping in…
    the church is blessed to have you bring the word, and to have Ruthy as well! Kids too!
    Definitely been feeling the need to be prepared in the spirit of the Lord Jesus. Time to get back in touch again…

    Have a great time in that trailer camping! wish we were there. πŸ™‚



  2. Pauline Bettney says:

    Peter – it is most reassuring to have you back again.


  3. Peter, It’s great to have you back at your fine blog. I hope you have a great camping weekend, even though the weather isn’t very good today.

    Are you thinking of posting your sermon after you deliver it from the pulpit?



  4. Wendy says:

    Hi Peter,

    I would really like to have a copy of your sermon as well so could you please put it on your web-page. I do have Friends that go to your church and she knows you I can ask her to pass my e-mail along to you if you would rather I do that

    Good to have back



  5. Peter says:

    Thanks all for your kind comments. Hopefully I’ll have more to say once I’ve caught up with the backlog here – real-world obligations getting in the way of blogging – sheesh!


  6. Peter says:

    PS Yes I will post the sermon here.


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