Light to the world

We are called now, and in the days ahead, to be a lighthouse – bringing light to an increasingly dark world. What is it that a lighthouse does? It warns of dangerous waters – it teaches truth and exposes error. It guides to safe harbours – it provides a community, a haven, a hope in the tumultuous seas of our world.

In this context, the Lord called our church to a service of corporate repentance during Good Friday where we could confess before Him the ways we have fallen short of Him, both individually and as a body. It was impressed upon us that this was very necessary before we could more forward into His inheritance for us.

The service itself, which took place in Friday afternoon, was very powerful. We wrote our sins out, then – literally – nailed them to the cross. There is something particularly moving and cathartic about a physical action like that. I do believe that we moved many things in the heavens that day!

If fact, later on I received a further vision. I saw the lighthouse; it was if I saw the light rays shining out into the darkness. Then, it was if I was inside the lighthouse itself, another layer being unveiled to the vision.

The light source was at the centre of the lighthouse, I became aware of who this Light represented – Jesus Himself. Perhaps a no-brainer, but I saw it deeper that I had before.

We, as the church, are represented by the panes of glass that make up the lighthouse reflectors. When we are dirty and grubby, the light does not shine through us well. When we are cleaned, the light can shine through us and out into the world much more brightly.

This cleaning was the purpose of the Good Friday service; that we might be cleaner, more transparent, and hence more able to be that which we are called to be – a reflector of Christ.

Hence for us we enter more fully into what we are called to be, that of a lighthouse.

I also saw that the Light of Christ is the centre of the Church, without that Light we are nothing, worse than nothing – a counterfeit – a building that pretends to be something that it is most evidently not as darkness falls. If the light in you be darkness, how great that darkness – as our Lord said.

It seems to me that the sin of the Church has to be heinous and protracted before this happens – before the lampstand is removed from its place.

The grace of the Lord is deep, He is long-suffering and desires all to repent….indeed far more than we can imagine.

But yet, there comes a time when the lampstand is removed and then, well then, a dark lighthouse is a horrible thing indeed – the spirit of the antichrist.

The prayer therefore is on the mercy of the Lord, that He would cleanse us and make us fit for purpose, reflecting His light into the world. May we never make trial of His love and faithfulness. May we enter into the inheritance of all that He has for us, and become all that He proposes for us! May His great and glorious Name be praised! Amen!

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6 Responses to Light to the world

  1. timbob says:

    Greetings. This is a very needful post as we are to be a city that is set on a hill. Recently the Lord has granted me victory over the temptation to engage in excessive fooishness. Seemingly harmless, and yet it was obscuring the light of Christ. I thank him for this victory and the added joy that always comes when we lay asiode yet another weight or sin. God always has something far better in return. A closer walk with him as we surrender another area of our life. PRAISE GOD!
    I pray that we all would be a clear reflector of the Lord Jesus. That folks would see more of him and less of us. Thanks for posting.

    Have a blessed evening in Christ.



  2. Peter says:

    You are most welcome. Walking ever more closely in obedience will bring the grace of Christ into our lives as we are rooted deeper in him!




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  4. code says:

    in march, i went on this spiritual retreat. at the beginning, they handed out nails to everyone and told them to think of a sin they struggle w/ and that the nail represented that sin. They also told us we always had to carry the nail in our hand and not put it down for the entire day. At the end of the day, they had us hammer our nails into a wooden cross in the front of the chapel to remind us of calvary and what Christ did for us there.


  5. Peter says:

    It’s a good way to visualise the reality, eh?


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