The twisting

So, what is your view of God? How do you see Him?

I was musing the other day, and considering how it is that we, given half a chance, will always try and twist God into the place where we want Him. Sometimes it’s obvious (once you see it), as you discover that you’ve put self on the throne and relegated God to your personal servant. Othertimes it is more subtle, and hard to notice until the Holy Spirit gives you a poke.

The other day it came to me that I was viewing God as a remote manager to check in time to time with for instructions. At that point I was reorientated, and shown that, no, He is the captain on the field and is most certainly leading the team.

It’s not that I’d forgotten that He was the one in charge, it was just that I had twisted my understanding and started to see Him in that more remote, aloof way. It seems that given half a chance we’ll always twist the relationship back to self. The closer we get to God, the more we realise His immanence, and that far from being a remote manager, he is the one leading the charge.

It seems often those on His team have advanced cases of myopia and simply cannot discern where the captain is, or what He is doing. After a while, it can appear that it’s only us on the field and that the game is ours to take on and win. Oh, for the grace of a restored, 20/20 vision!

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8 Responses to The twisting

  1. timbob says:

    Greetings. Great insight to a very common situation that we all wrestle with. To be still and “know” that God is omnipotent and with us 24/7 is critical. As you stated, it’s not that we forget this, it’s just that we see him as being afar off while we go about our own way. It can happen eve so subtly. Thanks for the insight into this.

    Have a great day in Christ.



  2. Peter says:

    You’re most welcome timbob.




  3. code says:

    No one has been posting lately so I am forced to come back here and read your posts. tee hee! 🙂

    ANYWAYS… this entry reminds me of this quote:

    “The problem with today’s culture is instead of viewing God through the small end of a telescope, we flip the telescope around and view him from the big end, which makes our God smaller.” -paraphrase j.i. packer-

    When I think of God, I can’t really think. I mean do we honestly know what it means to be holy, to be the most high, righteous? Sure, holy means to be set apart, and righteous means free of guilt or sin — but can we really grasp those things? I can’t. It’s just too much for me. My mind is a speck of dust compared to his.


  4. Peter says:

    Heh, it’s a sad situation code 😉

    Yup, I think you’re right – our thoughts and ways are not His!


  5. white rabbit says:

    Hi, Been busy. Interesting question. I suppose God is a bit like Tony Soprano in that you are my friends if you do what I say (John 15:10)Its never what he does for us – nothing – but what we have to do for him. Even boiling down the ten commandments we are left with two. Fathers are such a nuisance! God has balls though for not many people can lay down options then stand back and let us take the consequences.
    Trouble is is that he is right and as time goes by we come to realize that hopefull can become his friend by doing what he said in the first place. In the meantime he is a nuisance.
    I trust that my intent came over as we grapple with our twisting of what we want God to be rather than accept him (and reality) as it is. O the inconvenience of it all!


  6. Peter says:

    Certainly it is inconvenient to have a Father that loves us enough not to allow us what we think we want, but rather what he knows we need. This Potter certainly has some sassy clay to work with 😉


  7. Ray says:

    I like the comparison between a remote manager and the captain on the field. Excellent.
    I may well use it next time I am preaching.
    Thank you,


  8. Peter says:

    You are most welcome Ray, and thanks for visiting.


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