Prayers please….

Just to let you know, there is plenty going on with the Essentials comms effort for General Synod this year. I’m doing my level best to ensure that we will get the full story out in June. Several good things are in the works that I’ll let you know about if all comes together and the time seems right. In the meantime, prayers would be most appreciated – this is first and foremost a spiritual battle. Yes, I know I asked recently, call this a repeat request. 🙂 In particular please pray for time to balance many other needs, as well as rest and protection from the enemy. Thank you!

Also, if you feel so called to give to Essentials General Synod effort, please do so here – earmarking it for General Synod work. Any donation will be very welcomed and will help us in maintaining an orthodox presence and witness at General Synod.

Blogging has and may continue to be a little patchy because of all this other stuff going on. However there may be some time over the next couple of weeks as I enter a bit of a lull between contracts. Watch this space!

UPDATE: Not dead yet, lots of stuff going on in the background….. Hopefully something new here tomorrow if I can stop producing drafts and start producing posts!

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6 Responses to Prayers please….

  1. Pauline Bettney says:

    Will do Peter. Have already donated for General Synod. George Bruce, our Bishop has been nominated for Primate. He would look after the Orthodox fairly if elected. I am so grateful for everything Essentials is doing. We are in the end run I think so shall pray for all of you, and especially you Peter with four young children.


  2. faithwalk says:

    Peter, you have our prayers!

    I haven’t been able to write and finish a decent post in a while and now who knows what the next month will be like…
    But I trust the Lord has wonderful things ahead.

    So blogging may just be an occasional update from afar for a while.

    Many blessings to you Peter! I’ll talk to you before we leave, the Lord willing. 🙂
    .More blessings,



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  4. Peter says:

    Pauline – And I hope an orthodox candidate gets elected, I really do. Thanks for the prayers!!

    Susan – It’s hard, especially with some posts, to say exactly what it is you are meaning to say. Even harder if you’ve got little time! I hope next month goes really well for you both. Blessings!


  5. white rabbit says:

    The 1954 book Sex in History by G Rattray Taylor is one of those books that keeps cropping up so I broke down and got myself a copy. While I am still not sure what Bishop Ingham and his pals are up to the book does throw some light on the subject.
    Ingham hails from England so I’ll quote from p. 123, “A great wave of perverse and psychoyic behaviour which particularly affected France, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and some of the Scandanavian countries, but which affected England only slightly…..” The subject of course is sex and it appears that weird fashions of married couples abstaining from each other, homosexual behaviour (more imagined than real), unfulfilled romantic love for someone elses wife and obsessions with masturbation. It is quite a read and at the very least leaves the reader with a better appreciation of the long lost Merrie olde Englande. I am still none the wiser but have a better understanding of the almost Talmudic obsessions that have swept Christendom from time to time . Whatever happened to our ancient doctrine of live and let live?


  6. Peter says:

    Given over to unnatural lusts as their minds were darkened….


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