A little winter montage

Seeing as I’m in the great white north and all…..

 End October

 The view yesterday

 Compared to the Summer

 And some other ‘winter wonderland’ shots for you…..



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6 Responses to A little winter montage

  1. CH says:

    Very nice, thank you! Here in the Seattle area we do not get snow very often (maybe once or twice a year) and it rarely stays more than a few hours.


  2. Peter says:

    Coming from the UK, I know exactly what you mean!


  3. Diana says:

    I’ve packed my -30c boots so I’m prepared for the lovely snow. It’s 14c in England today, definitely climate change.
    But one final thought is God going to do something about how mankind is ruining the planet?


  4. Peter says:

    Heh, it’ll probably be +20c in a Chinook then 🙂

    Will God do something? Leave us alone for long enough and we will wreck it, so hopefully He will do something!


  5. Jmac says:

    Very pretty PJ. Of course weather like that back here in the UK brings the whole country grinding (or rather sliding) to a hault.


  6. Peter says:

    Indeed. That’s what happens here too for the first couple of days, then we all get used to it again!


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