October?  If U2 had been Calgarian that song would be called ‘September’.

In fact, we are due to get our first taste of winter on Monday with sub-zero maximums and snow.  A massive low pressure system over Hudsons bay is pulling cold air down over Canada.  You wimps in the States are getting an appropriately modified version 😉

(Sorry, but I did say you might get a bit of weather mixed in here; I used to be a meteorologist y’know….)

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4 Responses to October?

  1. doth says:

    We already had it in Toronto — snow! And buffalo got something like 2 feet — schools were actually closed in Niagara — in October!


  2. Peter says:

    That’s gotta have the prize for the quickest comment ever – you pretty mch posted before I published 😉 Well done that man….


  3. doth says:

    Well, it WAS important, late-breaking news 😉


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