Thoughtcrime is now a real thing

In a bit of a “we got here first” totalitarian leap, the UK has introduced a first of type thoughtcrime law. Yesterday, parliament voted to criminalise any form of “influence” outside of abortion facilities – including in the form of silent prayer. Bizarre, but true. In fact, MPs specifically voted against a measure that would have protected consensual conversations and silent prayers.

Lest this seem something for the “it could never happen here” award, it already has. Twice.

Whether or not you agree with the views expressed is kind of not the point. This is more about the society we are becoming, and it is as far from healthy as is possible.

Mind you, inquiring minds wonder how this will actually be enforced, if the person is not prepared to divulge whether he/she is actually praying. That could end up being a tragicomedic legal process.

And I’d also say, in the battle between the power of prayer, and the power of the state, I know where I’ll place my money….

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1 Response to Thoughtcrime is now a real thing

  1. It’s bizarre, too, that the lady was arrested a second time after being acquitted once for the same “offence”. For thoughtcrimes, precedents don’t count.

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