Prior to the vote at the Church of England General Synod, the Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria spoke clearly and forthrightly about what the vote would mean for the wider Anglican Communion. You can watch that here:

Specifically, he said:

In our understanding of marriage and sexuality there is a red line we will never cross. Crossing this line of blessing same-sex unions will alienate 75 percent of the Anglican Communion and endanger the ecumenical and interface dialogue. This shift in practice will lead eventually to impaired and broken communion.

We inherited the traditional orthodox faith of the Church of England so please please do not surrender your unique possession as the mother Church of the Anglican Communion. It is your choice.

Speaking as he did just before the vote was taken, nobody – not Bishops, not Clergy, nor Laity – could have been in any doubt as to the gravity of the decision being made. But yet, they went ahead regardless.

In times to come, it is quite likely that those of an orthodox Anglican faith will be accused of schism because of actions of differentiation taken in response to this vote. However, be crystal clear – the real schismatic act was the choice made in the vote yesterday.

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2 Responses to Schism

  1. Kate Sanderson says:

    Must be kind of crazy for you to be going through this all over again!


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