Tolerance, Diversity and Inclusion

Every age must have its gods, and this age worships at the altar of Tolerance, Diversity and Inclusion. Seemingly benign gods, at least at first. As long as you keep your sentiments and thought process shallow enough, what’s not to like?

  • The god Tolerance – extending a benevolent gaze upon all who think correctly.
  •  The god Diversity – who will allow worship at its altar as long as you wear the uniform.
  •  The god Inclusion – who warmly welcomes those of whom the other gods approve.

Just make sure you are not beyond the pale of social acceptability, or you will discover the flip side of these wonderful, warm sentiments!

I find it remarkable that so many apparently cannot see that these gods represent the precise opposite of what is presented: the intolerance, uniformity and exclusion of a creeping totalitarianism.

These seems to be the pale, insipid caricatures of ‘gods’ for a society that has rejected its God – has rejected faith, hope and love, in favour of…what? Why do many accept such poor substitutes – like eating thin gruel when a sumptuous four course meal is laid out before you?

The true Trinity, the only God that ever matters – existing beyond eternity, wrapped in Love inexpressible – Father, Son and Holy Spirit  – still calls people, to bring them home, where there is warmth, food, fellowship, light and peace.

But no, we will not. And we know so little about the Truth, that when a man reads from the Bible on a train, people run – because they do not even recognise the words of our Father enough to be able to distinguish it from the Quran.

The fields really are white for the harvest. When you look at the ‘competition’ – well there is really none.  Just that thin gruel, with people staying at the table only because if they leave, they know they will be mocked, hated and bullied.

If Christ be for us, who can be against us?  Is this really the best the devil can do?  We have such an opportunity – to reach a starving people again with the Gospel – Good News for all of us.  That Jesus –  when we were far off, sinners and rebels, came to seek and save us, to forgive and reconcile us.  That’s a meal worth eating, and a meal worth inviting other people to share.

Blessings on your day today,


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