Truth is the first casualty of war, they say, and it’s not just physical war.

Just the other day, in my country, a voice was raised up in the public space – maybe the very kind of voice I mentioned in my last post – that had the temerity to be unequivocal in speaking standard Christian moral orthodoxy in matters such as marriage and abortion.

The result was predictable – ‘archaic’, ‘utterly abhorrent’, ‘belongs in the 18th century’ were some of the tamer comments.  However, the one thing that links all the responses is that none of them stray to any discussion as to the correctness, or incorrectness, of the moral views.  It is just assumed, a priori, that the views are wrong because they are old, because they are not culturally approved, and because to give them any credence is to open oneself to bullying.

There is a reason for this – the spirit of this age does not do well on the battleground of Truth vs. Lie.  That’s God’s territory.  Any argument that strays into serious discussion of the right and wrongs of a position is dangerous territory.  Better to assume the argument, cast scorn on the one who is articulating dissident thoughts, and appeal to the ‘everybody thinks’ mentality.

And, if that’s not convincing enough, maybe we can apply a little corporate pressure:

“We have 580 companies involved with the [Australian Marriage Equality] ad campaign. If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere.”

True quote from a CEO, though I don’t plan on linking to it.  The message is clear – if you value getting along in the world, if you aspire to leadership, maybe even if you would like to keep a job and some semblance of normal life, don’t say the wrong things.  If you have heterodox thoughts, keep them to yourself.  For now.  Later, we will be back to ensure you bend the knee by saying the right things too.

It says something to the inherent weakness of the current cultural zeitgeist, that it can only maintain its position by an increasingly intolerant clampdown on any opposition.  Eventually, like all lies, it will collapse under its the weight of its own contradictions.  Everything that can be shaken, will be.  But not until it has done immense damage to real peoples lives.

I pray for more courageous voices to be raised up – to say what currently cannot be said, to face down the bullies and the vicious intolerance of the ‘tolerant’, to raise a standard for the Lord’s armies.  Because, as I said previously, those who are with us are far, far greater than those opposed.  The mouths of the liars will eventually be silenced, and the truth – indeed the Way, the Truth and the Life – will have the victory.


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