Shallow soil

I feel led to repost the first prophetic vision I had back in 2002.  It’s not rocket science, but it needs saying, and it needs hearing.



This vision was given to me when I asked the Lord why I felt like I was starving at our then current church.  I was feeling increasingly frustrated that there was something very real and vital missing from us.  The vision given was specifically for that church but I feel it has a wider application.

I saw a tree, most particularly the root structure, in profile.  The soil was shallow and there was a large boulder, or mass of rock underneath.  Most roots spread out widely into shallow soil.  While the tree was alive, there was no depth to sustain the tree should there be a drought.  Neither was there sufficient depth of soil to feed the tree properly.

At the same time I also saw a tap root, extending down through the heart of the rock.  The root had the potential to grow and break up the rock, which was preventing a deep and healthy root system.

This vision is both a warning and a hope.  The tree represents the Church, in particular the western Church.  The warning is that the Church is reliant on shallow soil, and as a result it cannot grow further and it cannot withstand times of trial.  We spread our roots widely through all the avenues of shallow faith and faint spiritual reality.

However, the hope is also with us.  The tap root (perhaps representing Jesus) has already drilled through the rock (which represents all that which would prevent the growth of the Church).  This Root is like a promise, a potential to us.  If we direct our efforts through this Root, we can spread deeply and widely, and can begin to break up the rock.  That may appear daunting, and will not be easy, but it is possible, the strength is there.  We are all called to go deeper, with all the potential that lies there.

Both the warning and hope are held out to us.  It requires a response.

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2 Responses to Shallow soil

  1. What remains of Christian churches is indeed lacking and many are leaving them because they sense what you described. It has not come by accident but by carefully planning of those seek to destroy Christianity. The days of the five wise virgins are here and deceptions abound.


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