The twilight of the current age

Below is a copy of a post I came across here; again it is something we sorely need to hear at this time.

Jeremiah 22:21, “I spoke to you in your prosperity, but you said, ‘I will not hear.”

Eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear are everywhere nowadays. They are no longer isolated incidents, but an epidemic of global proportions. On every street corner, in every home, in every church, you will find those who have chosen of their own volition not to hear the voice of the eternal Father.

Our prosperity has made us dull and hard of hearing, and on those occasions when God’s voice penetrates the haze of opulence, we shut it out, chase it away like some unwanted and unwelcome vagabond intent on destroying our mood, and shattering the earthly contentment we’ve so meticulously fashioned for ourselves.

With our lips we say we want to hear God speak, we want to hear His voice, but in our hearts we know it is a lie. When God speaks, when it is His voice carried upon the winds to the four corners of the earth, trumpeted like booming thunder, it is offensive, and most, even those calling themselves His own, turn their heads in dismay.

We hear the voice, but the words trouble us. The words are not what we want to hear, they are not what we would like them to be, for they are not words of blessing and prosperity, of easy life and cheap salvation, but rather they are words of judgment and trial, of tribulation and heartache, of tested faith and spiritual endurance. We want God, but on our terms, we want Him to speak, but only the words that comfort the flesh, the words that tell us we’re okay, that we will thrive, that we will prosper, that we will be blessed and embraced by friend and foe alike. Truth shatters illusion every time, and the illusion is cracked and crumbling.

We desire God to speak, only if He will say what we want Him to say. If His words offend, then we turn to the peddlers, to the priests who teach for pay, and the prophets who divine for money, who ease our burdened conscience with the increasingly evident lies that no harm shall come upon us, for the Lord is still among us.

Today’s Christian does not want to hear the true voice of God. He only pretends he wants it. Most would rather hear the word peace, even if it were a lie, than hear the word judgment even if it were the truth.

God has been handed an eviction notice in regards to His own house, and yet we still have the temerity to say He is among us. We have told Him to His face that we will not hear, even though He speaks, for His words burn and convict and compel a decision on our part. The times wherein we choose to trust God are quickly coming to an end, and very soon we will be forced to trust God. For those who have not experienced trust in the heavenly Father during those days when they had a choice, having to do so, and having no other choice in the matter will be a frightening experience indeed. Trust in God is nurtured; it is grown organically, and cannot be practiced suddenly, like the flipping of a light switch.

We would rather experience raucous laughter than groaning and tears; we would rather spend our time doing one of a hundred futile and worthless things than bend our knee in prayer. We are a proud people, and the idea of humbling ourselves before the eternal God of all, of submitting to His will even if it were to the detriment of the flesh, is both foreign and offensive to our sensibilities.

We have become that which He despises, we practice that which He condemns, yet we don’t even blush when we puff our chests out proudly and say, ‘the Lord is with us.’

We chose not to hear His voice in our prosperity; we chose to reject the cross in lieu of the easy chair. We rejected and despised the messengers who preached repentance, transformation, regeneration, rebirth, and lovingly embraced those who with wolfish grins told us all that was needed was to wave a hand in the air and write a cheque.

As the old adage goes, the times they are changing. Our season of prosperity is swiftly coming to its end, like the last few minutes of dusk until the night covers all. We will not hear His voice in our prosperity. Will we perhaps hear his voice in our poverty?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

It is the twilight of the current age, and we bask in its fading gleams. Much that can be shaken, soon will be.


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7 Responses to The twilight of the current age

  1. Dan says:

    I have the same sense. It does seem that things are about to crash hard. Down here in the US, we are having an election year; but none of the media supported candidates are anything but window dressing. Politics cannot save us, only Jesus can. Our culture thinks it can borrow fake money ad infinitum but there will be a harsh reckoning. Down here the media will only support thefalse prophets. We don’t want to lookat what is really happening to us; it is not for the faint of heart. Trust not in princes nor in the strength of man; the Lord goes before us to fight the battle. The battle belongs to the Lord.


  2. Peter says:

    Yes, we have Christ alone, nothing else, and He is fully sufficient.


  3. white rabbit says:

    Long before the poison of entitlement took over our minds Luke instructed us (3:14) to be content with our wages and Paul followed up with (2nd Thess 3:10) that if a man didn’t work he shouldn’t eat. Today, drunk with the poison seeping out from the universities, the media and our own idleness our economy is reverting to the mean. But we have been through this before and still Hosea’s words ( 4:6) ring true and once again “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
    At this juncture I feel like slamming the ABC for his cry for Moslem law but then perhaps he is being cunning as a serpent – I doubt it – as Jesus instructed (Matt. 10:16). I say this for usury is the corrupting cause of many of our ills, even though we changed the name to interest. Remember when gay meant happy and man meant……..O never mind.
    But Boldea is right in that we are heading into the much heralded bear market of possibly severe consequences and as he hints Christians are asleep at the switch.


  4. Peter says:

    Ah yes, the ABC – I don’t think I’ll touch that other than to echo another comment along the lines of – I wish he would stop saying things.


  5. timbob says:

    Greetings. The love of many is waxing cold in these final hours of the age. Love for truth, love for the Lord Jesus who redeemed us from everlasting death, and love for those all around us who are searching desperately for something authentic to cling to. This post serves as a reminder that judgment is in the land and in the church. I pray that any who read this will examine themselves as we all must do on a continual basis. I Peter 4:7 comes to mind as I write this. Thanks for alerting us to this post.

    Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.



  6. Peter says:

    You’re welcome Timbob – just another contribution to the call for the church to wake up.


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