Northern Plains Anglican

The challenge in this game is how to turn random misspelled thoughts in your draft folder into pixels of distinguishment. Or at least prose that is not entirely boring 😉

Seems like I might not have much time to do that this week, so (and I hope TLF+ forgives me) I thought I’d do a straight-up introduction of another Anglican site – Northern Plains Anglican. Although being on the wrong side of the border, I think we could count him as an honourary Canadian blogger, after all Sioux Falls does a passable impression of a Canadian winter. Unlike Calgary, which at the moment is indecently warm for February.

Now, I shall stop getting sidetracked by the weather and leave it there – go visit, drop by, say hello.

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3 Responses to Northern Plains Anglican

  1. Wendy says:

    So is Edmonton !!!


  2. Very kind! Thanks for this, and being an honorary Canadian is just, well, way beyond anything I could have expected.

    BTW when I was in the Army (this in divided Germany days), Canadian infantrymen generally won various comparative competitions with other NATO infantry (I think USA dominated artillery, with the Germans, Brits and USA in tight competition for best tank unit performances).

    Also, one of my seminary classmates was from Niagara Falls (American side). I used to spend Thanksgiving breaks with his family, friends and him. One night, I was the designated driver. He and his friends got me to drive them over into Canada, then wouldn’t tell me how to get back out. Eventually made it back, and with a decent cache of Labatt’s.

    Thanks for your fearfully and wonderfully challenging site…and for asking folks to check out NPA!


  3. Peter says:

    being an honorary Canadian is just, well, way beyond anything I could have expected

    😉 You are of course most welcome.


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