An evil masqueraded

It was not without cause that Jesus dismissed those who claimed they were Jews, but were not, rather members of the synagogue of Satan. There is something particularly pernicious about wolves in sheep’s clothing, those who would claim to represent light, whereas the only light to be found within them is darkness.

The culture in which the Church has always found itself is dark, rebellious and wicked. The sins vary, though in truth there is very little difference between a rich, polite, ‘nice’ society lost in greed and self, than one lost in violence, hatred and destruction. Indeed, these are only facets of the same perversion.

We are called, therefore, to be salt and light within the world, to bring the Lord’s mercy and grace to a dark and depraved people. What then the result when the salt has lost its flavour, and the light is darkness?

You must know how the Lords anger burns at those who claim His name, to represent Him, but whose consciences are seared and who belong truly to the father of lies. What do I refer to? People like this:

At another point, a few years later, I did have an abortion. I was a single mother, working and pursuing a path to ordination in the Episcopal Church. The potential father was not someone I would have married; he would have been no better a candidate for fatherhood than my daughter’s absent father. The timing was wrong, the man was wrong, and I easily, though not happily, made the decision to terminate the pregnancy.

I have not the slightest regret about either of these decisions, nor the slightest guilt. I felt sorrow and loss at the time of my abortion, but less so than when I’d miscarried some years earlier. Both of my choices, I believe, were right for me and my circumstances: morally correct in their context, practical, and fruitful in their outcomes.

That is, both choices were choices for life: in the first instance, I chose for the life of the unborn child; in the second, I chose for my own vocational life, my economic stability, and my mental and emotional health and wholeness.

Truly calling good, evil, and evil, good. But, it is not enough to justify ones own actions, one must find other ways to further darken society.

AN ALL-FEMALE committee representing the Anglican Church’s Melbourne diocese has recommended that abortion be decriminalised, in what is believed to be the first official approval of abortion by Australian Anglicans.

Archdeacon Alison Taylor said yesterday the church recognised there were circumstances, especially foetal abnormality, when abortion was “the least problematic solution”.

Ah yes, the least problematic solution. Reminds me of another ‘problem’ to which murder was also the ‘final solution’.

Let me give it to you straight. These people are lost, hell-bound. They are people of the lie, trumpeting wickedness as good, selfishness as holy, deifying their own needs and desires. As swine, they have cast their own pearls away. The Lords anger burns against those who would so deny their nature as to murder the most innocent life entrusted to them – all in the name of convenient solution to a ‘problem’.

What is so very much worse is that such people have taken positions of leadership – in the Anglican church and in many others. Positions where they can spew their smooth-sounding poison into the very lives that the Lord would rescue from the pit. Not satisfied with their own sin, they must see it multiplied in countless other lives.

Perhaps it seems that I am too strong here, judgmental perhaps? I can only call it as the Lord shows it to me, and what I see is an evil masqueraded – a people who have sold out to the darkness, cloaking themselves in an appearance of light. The fruit they offer may appear good to the unwary – but when eaten the bitter, vile and dark poison begins its work.

This is what the Lord hates and despises – those who have known His life, have rejected it for death, and now seek to bring others to the living hell. Strong, yes, but this is no game – these are matters of life, and death – both in this life and in the life of the world to come.

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13 Responses to An evil masqueraded

  1. faithwalk says:

    Tis a sad commentary how selfish we have become as a society that we can so easily see another human beings life as disposable, if it is not convenient for us to care for them. Would this not be another form of unnatural affection ( or lack of natural affection I suppose )? To end your own childs life and feel no guilt; that it was right?

    I understand that sometimes there are difficult situations some women face, but there are always options like adoption. Life is precious and sacred, it is not ours to throw away.

    How sad that this is what calls itself the church, and as you said, not just the Anglican I’m afraid. May the Father help us; may our leaders and every one of us repent. The night truly is at hand ! If only we would open our eyes to see how the sun sets on the horizon of this present age.

    It is time to be about the Father’s business…

    Lord show us the way, our paths are hidden in part before us. Shine your light upon our heart; illuminate our spirits and minds! Make plain paths for our feet and lead us in a way we have not known, one that brings us closer to you and gives You glory. Help us Lord Jesus; be ever near in our hour of need!

    May every blessing be yours Peter, in the grace, truth and Spirit of the Lord!



  2. white rabbit says:

    That’s quite a Christmas present Peter, Jews that are not Jews and guilt ridden abortionists. If the women were not guilt ridden they would not want absolution, i.e. decriminalisation and the want -to -be- priest would not be telling everyone about her abortion if she wasn’t bothered by it. But if she is an example of Episcopalian management then no wonder we are on the rocks. A “single mother” (my mum was a “double mother?”) implies she knew what she was doing when it comes to a certain subject and then she decides to have a baby with the wrong man at the wrong time! And she is a candidate for management in the church? One could go on.
    In the other topic, “Jews that are not Jews” i have to say that the word Jew is a bit like the word American with damn in front of it. I never know what people mean by damned Americans these days. Hell, some of my best friends are Americans and you should hear then rant and rave about “Americans.”
    I am no expert on the Talmud or “the traditions of men” )Mark 7:8)to which Jesus spoke and Paul in Col 2:8 but I can safely say that there is a conflict in the West today between the live and let live attitude of our Christian heritage and the, to me, mindless, superstitions and endless legalism of the Talmud. I think I’ll need a few more cups of coffee before I attempt to pontificate on the controversy of Zion (Isaiah 34:8) so much to everyone’s relief I’ll stop here.


  3. white rabbit says:

    On David Virtue’s Digest I came across the whole letter by the woman who had an abortion. Turns out that her husband left her when she was pregnant with their first child which rather changes my opinion of her – but as you know I am against women priests anyway!
    The real issue is the collapse of the male within the modern man. What kind of a shit abandons his pregnant wife and leaves his child vulnerable to the predators out there?
    In my opinion, homosexuality, abortion, drugs and such like would be much reduced if men would face up to their responsibilities. Yes, we are caught in a cycle of death whirling between all the incompatible rights thrust upon us and I don’t see a happy ending.


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  5. Peter says:

    Hello all. One thing I would like to clarify, is that this is not aimed at women per se, nor is it intended to lack compassion in the pain of really difficult decisions and circumstances. Far be it for either!

    The heart in this that I needed to give you was from the Lord regarding those who would treat the most precious least of these with such cavalier abandon, and then seek to teach others to do likewise (the latter perhaps worse than the former).

    I could have nuanced this post, but to do so would have obscured the heart of the message I needed to drive home.

    Bless you all,



  6. white rabbit says:

    Hi Peter,
    Why would disagreeing with an article written by a woman make one anti-woman. Not only did the rev Fowler post the article under her own free will but she posted a picture of herself. I got the impression she doesn’t care what people think.
    I also do not agree that abortion is a woman’s issue because there is always a father somewhere and half of the aborted babies are male; not that the pro-choice people ask either sex if they wish to be aborted. Come to think about it nobody asked Schiavo if she wanted to die or not. Where were all the pro choice people then?


  7. Matthew says:

    It is the same rationale which supported the eugenics movement, that great dark secret of Alberta’s past (not to mention most of the first world).

    When your morality is reduced to a center of the self, “my own vocational life, my economic stability, and my mental and emotional health and wholeness” there is no anchor to prevent falling into almost any sort of pit. Once you are convinced that whatsoever is good for you, is therefore morally licit and by extension good for all, there are no boundaries to hold you back from just about anything.

    Rather than mellowing as I age, I’m coming to appreciate the doctrine of utter depravity…which makes me think I’m spending too much quality time with Calvinists.

    Peter, thank you for your direct word.


  8. Peter says:

    As you say white rabbit, as you say. I just wanted to make it clear, that’s all.

    Hello Matthew, yes indeed! It’s a very dark pit we fall into when we become our own gods (which is pretty much the heart of the whole problem)


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  10. prairiewords says:

    I wonder what kind of signals the Episcopal Church is sending to women like the one highlighted. There is no tone of repentance rather acceptance. We all have done some stupid things but if it my intention to put on the dog collar I have to recognize that I must live the new life. What role model will she portray in a parish. I would certainly like to meet the bishop who will accept her morality.


  11. Peter says:

    Unfortuately, in TEC et al, it appears that the morality often is – anything goes….


  12. nouveaucode says:

    sounds like a quagmire to me — much like bush killing innocent people in iraq.


  13. Peter says:

    A quagmire indeed.


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