Building under the sand

I had a dream the other night, and while I don’t know whether to classify it as a prophetic dream, or a normal dream from which I’ve drawn meaning, I thought it might give you something to ponder.

In my dream I saw that a room had been built under the sand. This was quite a deep room, with a roof of sand. There was only one way out, a small window at the top of one of the inside walls, such that you’d need to be a tall adult to get out of the room.

Inside the room there were children playing of all ages. When I saw this my heart went cold – for I know the dangers of building under the sand. Folks have been buried and suffocated after some harmless fun on the beach, and this was much worse than your average family-dug hole.

I was at the top window, imploring the children to get out now. But they were oblivious, they’d just discovered the room and were having great fun there. To add to the danger, people were walking on top of the roof as well. Nobody seemed to listen.

My children were there also, so taking my life in my hands I entered the room, bundled my protesting and uncomprehending children out of the window, then somehow managed to lift myself out. All the time there was this fear that it would collapse any moment. Still, all seemed insensate to the danger, as if they heard me but could not comprehend.

When I woke, and considered the dream, I wondered what kind of people it was that would not even choose to build their house on the sand, but insisted on building it underneath. To run with the speculative thought – if you build your house on the sand perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll still be rescued even as your house collapses. Not so if you build under the sand. I think that is what they call ‘the culture of death’ – and it is seen both in the world and in the part of the church that is striving to ape the world.

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9 Responses to Building under the sand

  1. timbob says:

    Greetings. Indeed building under the sand would be like inviting a calamity that has no remedy. As I was reading this dream, I was reminded of the mudslide that took place a couple of years ago in California and buried several houses. The occupants had no chance of escape as the hillside suddenly gave way.

    This is really intriguing. Not only the children playing in harms way, but the adults who are walking over their head increasing the danger. Hmm. These are strange times in which we live. Thanks for a post that I’ll be surely pondering tonight while at work. have a blessed day in Jesus.



  2. faithwalk says:

    Peter, it seems the Lord is speaking through this and I will ponder it some more before saying much.
    What’s interesting to me is that inside the room were children; the innocents who may not know any better, while walking right over their head were those who should know better but were doing it anyway, and without concern for the children below…
    Some of whom probably built the room to begin with.

    And there you were as one who sees, a watchman crying out to warn them of the danger but seemingly no one would listen. Even the children become responsible once they are warned.

    Well more said than intended, as usual. Thank you for sharing the dream, may the Lord continue to give revelation as you ponder it in and with His Spirit.

    Jesus great love, grace and many blessings to you and your family Peter!



  3. mrsfalstaff says:

    Hummm… Perhaps the children are the laypeople being led astray by false teachers?


  4. code says:

    Maybe you have some insight — what do you think it means if you dream that you’re holding a very small baby. Perhaps it may be yours, but you’re not sure b/c it’s a dream. A mate calls you and tells you to take out the photos and memorabilia of that baby and set it out on the table because the baby is going to die soon. No more than five minutes later, the baby dies in your arms. You start to cry and then wake up almost crying realising it is only a dream. What do you think?


  5. Peter says:

    Tomorrow I will reply properly, Lord willing!




  6. Liz says:

    As I ponder your dream, Peter, the thought comes to me that to build a house under the sand may be an attempt to avoid the shifting sand above. Are the builders of such a room so unable to cope with the shifting sand above that they do not recognize the greater peril beneath?

    My other thought is, “Who am I resonsible for? Who are my family?”


  7. Peter says:

    OK, let me, at last, respond.

    Hello Timbob – glad it made you think, it cvertainly made me ponder some. Perhaps all we can do is rescue those who we can.

    You are welcome Susan, and glad that you felt the Lord speaking through this. We are in a strange season indeed.

    Mrs Falstaff – Yes indeed!

    Code – Hmm. Well I guess a baby can represent a number of things. Perhaps in this case it could represent something; a vision, project, something close to your heart that you are going to have to lay down. Sometimes we have to go through these cycles – unless a grain falls to the ground and dies, the new life cannot be born. I do not know if this will help you, I do hope so. If you want to talk a little more, let me know and I’ll contact you by your email (give me a real address in your comments…..)

    Liz – Perhaps a bunker mentality indeed, without any real understanding of the greater danger that is then exposed.




  8. nouveaucode says:

    thanks for your interpretation. sorry i haven’t gotten back to this as i’ve been away, busy and all consumed. 🙂


  9. Peter says:

    No worries, hope it helped some…..


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